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Normal Service has been resumed

Hello dear Peeps!

Thank you for all your sympathy and comments on my bad back. Thanks to the doctor prescribing stronger pain relief our trip to the south was fine. He prescribed boith muscle relaxants and pain killers, so I felt better quickly. I was able to take our friend's dog, Marvin, out for a walk on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - they were away in the UK, so we were on dog-sitting duties.

 I won't tell you about our trip just yet. It will be saved for either this blog or the Teapot at another time. 

This is to get back to our menus for the week! Because of being involved in 40 Acts, and trying to blog about that on a regular basis, I rather neglected this blog. But I am back, and will at least try to post the menus every week, in the hope it may inspire others who may be short of ideas for dinners. Our breakfasts are always cereal or toast - I have a meusli-nut-and-dried-cranberry mix if I'm working (it keeps me going till lunch) or two-slices-of-toast-&-marml…

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